Date Announcement

Re-sit exam will be on 14.06.2017, 15:00. Room is NB02.

FINAL GRADES and HW 3 grades are announced!

Midterm 1 make up will be on 05.06.2017, Monday, 10:00, room LA16.  Students with proper excuses can take make up exam.

ME102 Final Examination is on 24.05.2017, Wednesday, 12:30, Rooms: MB06, MA02, MB07.

HW 3 is postponed till 17.05.2017, 15:00

Students who will take mid 1 make up, please contact me! 

New lecture notes are on webonine!

Grades are announced! Check your survay notes. If you have send the proof of the survay aplication and you dont have a grade, please contact me!

No more grades will be given from now on!

ME 102 HW 2 -report is posted! It is due:24.04.2017, Friday, 15:00. Report format

New class notes are posted on web online

HW 1 is posted!

Sec 2 Class room is changed to MB07